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website überprüfen sicherheit
seo technical audit template

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What is website audit and why you need it now
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“Now I know that my website has flaws, but it’s still mystery where can I find a proper checklist to get them all together?”
As you have read in our previous article about the reasons why your website doesn’t sell, we have something to do here. Among services in the sphere of web design and promotion, you might have heard about SEO-audit. What is this, and why business owners need to get a closer look at it? Let’s deep into this ocean.
SEO-audit is a constantly-used service, which determines your website’s shortcomings that influence on promotion in search engines. It analyzes your project in terms of getting ranked and be visible for customers online. The website analysis criterias can vary in each case: it depends on the type of your ecommerce business. These suggestions can include web copy editing, HTML validation, error pages, low loadings, search engine rankings, website statistics, title tags, broken links, and many more.
Too many options, you may think. But as a website owner you have to know your project like a back of your hand. So, we’ve gathered some tips on how to figure out why getting the SEO-audit is the next thing you need to do in the morning after having coffee.
Audit as a complex webshop checker
The comprehensive website audit is an overall analysis of a resource that helps to find technical problems in its work, improve site characteristics for search engines and customers. It helps to determine the reasons why a web resource can’t reach the top and also saves your costs that were spent on improper promotion. You got the better things to invest, right?
On the other hand, you can just use one of the free automated audits. There are plenty of such tools online, and you can do it by yourself. But in any case, these tools won’t show you the full-spectrum picture. Sure, you can simply add keywords to your titles and header tags, and rank higher than a day ago. But there are plenty of reasons used by search engines to discover where your website will be placed and why.
If you’re hungry for finding all the issues that suppress your site’s success, let’s dive into details, and types of complex audit.
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Technical audit
It’s pretty tough fight to be in the top search results because be only one page after the main is no longer good enough. The goal of any webshop checking is improving rankings, increasing traffic, leads, and afterward — sales. For reaching these essential goals, you must find all the technical issues that put a stop to higher rankings in Google. Here’s a hint: this type of audit is often called a technical SEO-audit because its main task is to create an optimal technical conditions for the development of a project on the Internet. So, don’t get confused!
The technical audit is one part of the comprehensive website audit. It includes the identification of errors in your ecommerce platform. So, as you know, time is money, and if you’ve noticed that your page loading speed exceeds three seconds, it a good sight, that you might not earn any money from sales. The research says that slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year. Ka-ching!
Another example is the availability and correct display of the mobile version of your page. One more study shows the next numbers: according to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it and 40% switch to a competitor’s site instead.
The technical audit helps you to pay your attention to other important errors such as problems with the validity of the code, outdated engine, glitches with the SSL protocol and the correct configuration of HTTPS, the presence of broken links, and, believe us, many more. Thus, conducting this type of audit is a must in order not to appear in one of the studies above.
All search engines are our best friends whom we don’t know completely but still trying. All of them have specific requirements for the websites, and all that we can do is to follow the latest trends and secure our business doing SEO-audit. If according to the result of the request, the analyzed website is lost somewhere between the first pages, this is a clear sign of errors that the SEO-audit will help to resolve.
Let’s start from the analysis of the title, keywords, description, correctness of text headings (h1- h6), meta tags and sitemap for the first pages of your site. All of them must be clear and visible for search engines. Other essential points for your business being successful for Google and the users are the calculation of the number of outgoing links from the page, the presence of duplicate pages that copy other pages, full website analysis of the semantic core and traffic, and many more.
A full audit is like a private investigation that takes from several hours to several days, depending on the size of the site. And, you, as the business owner, must be careful going through the checklist to find the evidence.
Usability audit
We know one online wisdom: if the user can’t find something on your website, it doesn’t exist. Much has been said about the importance of exciting and effortless user experience. The usability of the website is not only about design and navigation, but development, processes, and content as well.
The best way to be sure that the audience having a good time using your platform is to implement the usability audit. This type of review can help you discover where users are clicking, staring, and scrolling on your resource. The website is considered as a good one when the user orientates on an intuitive level. The customer already has a picky task to choose what to buy. It’s not necessary to think where to click to get to the point.
The usability audit can be split into three groups: user usability, search engines usability, and conversion tracking. All these three approaches help to analyze the overall convenience of a web resource. If there is a decrease in site positions and a drop in traffic, the reason may be a one of the flaws identified in the analysis: failure rate, page depth, time spent on the site. After all, if nothing on your website doesn’t distract or annoy the user, he will have something else to do — buy.
Competitive audit
Understanding who are your main competitors, what do they offer to clients, and how positioning themselves is no less important than knowing your business’ target audience. If not, you might lose part of your customers. Keeping an eye on your competitors can help you to stay with trends, and learn more your industry.
Fortunately, there is one more type of audit that helps you to understand the behavior and identity of other businesses in your niche. On the competitive online market, this audit discovers not only characteristics of other brands, but opportunities to grow for yours. From analyzing brand language to identity: all the priceless insights that emerge in the process can be transformed into your marketing strategy or rebranding process. So, don’t miss out this lucky chance! And save your money and time for being the best authentic brand you could be among competitors.
DSGVO audit
On May 25, in 2018, the DSGVO European Data Protection Policy went into effect in the European Union. This new set of rules for the protection of personal data applies to almost every company or owner of an Internet resource in Europe. By “almost” we mean businesses which are active on the Internet; have employees; and use the personal data of people who have European nationality or residing in EU.
So, the first step in checking the DSGVO audit is an identification of the unprotected places and making a list of the “weak” points to pay close attention to. The most common are analyzing your website for malware, private policy issues, freely-given user consent to data processing, and execution of the different types of agreements. It is hard to adapt your business and organizational procedures all by yourself. Usually, this type of audit requires forming a working group of several specialists, especially if the law requires a data protection officer in your company.
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A means audit for ecommerce
Now you know the main types of audit which mean we need to underline the crucial reasons why you need to check your website.
1. When you launch a new website.
2. In case if your commercial factors are in a risk zone.
3. In the absence of business growth.
4. If you’ve made serious changes (rebranding, moving to a new CMS, imposing sanctions by the PS, etc.)
5. Once a year to stay on the top.
Thus, choose one of these or find your reason to upgrade your website, and be ready for incredible changes which your online business deserve. The mass of structured analytics produced by the comprehensive audit is exactly the information which you can work with to become better tomorrow.
It's never too late to grow!
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